Washing & drying hands
Collecting & picking-up
Washing & drying
Checking & replacing


Our service drivers take care of punctual delivery, in-line with requirements.

Washing & drying hands

For hygienic cleanliness: Cloth hand towel dispensers, hand towel rules, soap dispensers and hand dryer Dyson Airblade™.

Collecting & picking-up

The used hand towel rolls are stored in a laundry bag and we pick them up on schedule.

Washing & drying

Through a high-technology washing and drying system we make a valuable contribution to environmental protection.

Checking & replacing

Before material hand towels are reused, they are checked, outsorted if necessary and replaced.

Cleanliness where you expect it – our system for washroom hygiene

  • Absolutely worry-free

    We take care of it – from provision of all devices and dispensers, to professional instruction, and extending to regular delivery of hand towel rolls.

  • Money saved, time saved

    With the service system for MEWA washroom hygiene, you minimise costs and organisational effort.

  • Hygiene is a top priority

    With our washroom products, you satisfy the most rigorous hygiene requirements in your company.

Hygiene and cleanliness in washrooms is the basic prerequisite for pleasant work and the well-being of employees and guests. With the professional MEWA washroom service we supply your enterprise with everything associated with optimal equipment, maintenance, and hygiene: from washing and drying hands to complete washroom equipment, and extending to supply that is in-line with demand. But there's more: When you choose the MEWA system you fulfil all statutory hygiene regulations, save high investment costs and at the same time make a valuable contribution to environmental protection.

Easily and quite practically rent our products for washroom hygiene in the efficient service system:

  • MEWA hot-air hand dryer Dyson Airblade™:
    For fast and hygienic hand drying
  • MEWA automatic hand towel dispensers:
    Functional, cost-effective
  • MEWA soap dispensers:
    Stable container, easy operation, convenient direct filling