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MORE hygiene, MORE benefits – the MEWA multi-use system

A clean MULTI-use solution with MORE benefits

  • Reliable hygiene and reliability of supply

  • All-round service saves time and costs

  • All over Europe – and near you

Hygiene, sustainability and safety – important issues of our time. These are by no means new to us, since they’ve been central components of our family-run business model for more than 111 years. We stand for professional, sustainable textile management with certified quality, strong innovative power and of course, “Made in Germany”.

Hygiene is our craft and our service is your comfort. Pick up, wash, repair, store – we take care of all this and much more for you with the MEWA multi-use system. Multiple-use delivers more value – try it out!

Useful information
Repairing & replacing
Maintaining & drying
Collecting & picking-up
Put it on & feel good
Delivering & sorting

Repairing & replacing

 After washing, we check each garment and if there is damage the garment is either repaired or replaced free-of-charge.

Maintaining & drying

In our state-of-the-art washing lines, innovative technologies ensure cleanliness. Through this measure we simultaneously reduce consumption of water, detergent and energy consumption – for your environment.

Collecting & picking-up

Our service drivers pick-up your contaminated work trousers and work jackets at your facilities in the agreed rhythm.

Put it on & feel good

Clean and convenient – thus your employees' start their workday with a good mood and full of energy

Delivering & sorting

our service drivers bring your freshly washed and maintained work clothing to you at fixed, agreed dates – on request the even put it in the closet compartment.

Certified Hygiene and Cleanliness


All MEWA companies in which our industrial textiles are washed carry the wfk seal for textile hygiene – a certification that means textiles can be used in hygienically sensitive areas such as the health sector or in the food industry without hesitation. We work in accordance with strict RABC standards to consistently comply with all currently applicable legislation, guidelines and standards, in particular, with DIN 10524 (food hygiene) and DIN EN 14065 (laundry/linen decontamination) standards. This applies to all our textiles. We also wash and disinfect a mechanic’s clothing so hygienically clean that he/she could, in theory, work in sausage production while wearing the same clothing. Of course, food hygiene isn’t a must for every profession. Nevertheless, this is a requirement that we have set ourselves. Our aim isn’t just to meet the minimum requirements but always to achieve maximum quality and hygiene. In this vein, we’ve integrated our complete process chain into our quality management– from collection, washing, drying and ironing to the provision, delivery and sorting of the textiles. In addition to the requirements of food safety, occupational health and safety and environmental and water hygiene, we attach particular importance to protecting against infection. Washing work clothes in our industrial large-scale washing machines at constantly high washing temperatures, between 60 °C and 75 °C and cleaning cloths at 90 °C, as well as the use of disinfecting washing processes, completely inactivates germs and viruses. This repeatable microbiological quality of the textiles can’t be guaranteed by washing at home. Hygiene is a serious issue. That’s why you can rely on our certified quality and hygiene management. You can trust us as hygiene professionals.

Reliability of supply through importance to the economy


No matter whether they’re working in food production and distribution, industry and the trades, energy supply and transport or health care facilities – everywhere people put on MEWA workwear and protective clothing or use our cleaning cloths, towel rolls and other products from our large-ranging portfolio. A total of around 190,000 companies place their trust in the supply of hygienically impeccable MEWA industrial textiles. That’s why MEWA is a key contributor to maintaining the supply chain in many sectors of critical infrastructure. In fact, hygienic workwear isn’t the only essential thing – a constant supply of clean cloths is also indispensable for many companies, for example, with industrial operations. If machines can’t be cleaned, production can’t be maintained in the long term.

In short: MEWA products and services are an important part of the economy’s basic provisions and are thus considered to be key and essential in this respect. As a result, you benefit from absolutely dependable hygiene, work and supply reliability, even under challenging conditions. You can rely on us.

The multi-use system saves time and money


All MEWA textiles, from workwear and protective clothing to cleaning cloths and oil-collecting mats, floor mats and protective covers, are durable and are provided in a closed loop system and reused several times – a sustainable alternative to short-lived fad or disposable textiles. Each employee will always get their “own” clothes back, even with the multi-use system.

No matter whether you’re a craft workshop or an industrial corporation, the MEWA multi-use system offers you a professional all-round service on a rental basis for companies of all types and sizes, including advice. What kind of cleaning cloth is right for you? What protective clothing is necessary for your application? How many cleaning cloths or outfits do you need? With our professional expertise, we support you in the selection of the right workwear and industrial textiles; we make sure that they are picked up, washed, cared for and returned to you reliably and on time. If there is any wear or defects, a professional repair or replacement is always included. All our services come from a single provider, as do the entire logistics with our pick-up and delivery service.

As a result, a number of organisational tasks are eliminated on your side, which saves you a considerable amount of time and effort. For example, we take over the regular functional testing of high-visibility clothing, the adjustment of workwear when staff changes or sizes change and thus ensure that all necessary hygiene and environmental standards are consistently met. On the cost side, you benefit from the fact that the multi-use system ties up less capital than buying textiles and doesn’t involve storage and disposal costs.

Another advantage is that as a group of companies operating throughout Europe, we’re not dependent on global supply chains or subcontractors but rely on a secure supply network. Our central suppliers and ready-to-wear clothing manufacturers are from Europe (mainly Germany and Belgium), our clothing is mainly produced in Belgium and Portugal and MEWA cleaning cloths come exclusively from our own weaving mill in Germany. We guarantee that our collections will be delivered in constant quality, colour and fit for years to come. This means you benefit from reliability of supply and can rely on having your industrial textiles available at the agreed time and in consistent quality. Our multi-use system offers long-term quality, hygiene, tailor-made solutions and aesthetic appearance.

Sustainability through environmental protection and resource conservation


In recent years, sustainability has emerged as an increasingly important social issue. For us, it has always been part of our company philosophy. For more than 111 years, the principle of ecological sustainability has been firmly anchored in our corporate values with our founding principle of creating a reusable textile system and not throwing away cleaning cloths but reusing them instead. For us, this includes responsible and prudent management, the protection of the environment and resources, fair and safe working conditions as well as a value-oriented approach to you as our customer and to society. For these reasons, MEWA received the German Sustainability Award in the category “Most Sustainable Products / Services – TOP 3” in 2013. It is the biggest award of its kind in Europe. We’re also very proud of our international environmental certification in accordance with ISO 14001, which we were the first company in our industry to receive in 1997 as well as the awarding of our certification for an energy management system in accordance with ISO 50001.

However, by no means are we resting on our laurels but we are continually examining how we can optimise things even more in terms of sustainable production. For example, we use a special cascade technology in the washing processes to filter, treat and reuse water from the washing process in several stages, using as little fresh water as possible. At the same time the amount of waste water is minimised. Through further developments we have improved the technology of wastewater treatment so that today we can achieve a degree of purification of 99.8%. In terms of water protection, MEWA thus goes far beyond the legal requirements and industry standards. All of our detergents are biodegradable and are used in the most resource-friendly way possible by adapting their quantity and composition to the degree of soiling of the textiles during each washing process.

In addition, we work constantly to optimise our energy consumption and increase the energy efficiency of our processes, for example, by thermally recycling the washed out contaminants, mainly recycled oils, which cover up to 80% of the energy requirements of our dryers and washing process lines. The extracted air produced during thermal recycling is only discharged after thorough cleaning by innovative flue gas cleaning systems. Here, too, we don’t just comply with the legally required limits for emissions, we stay well below them. Last of all, when transporting and storing textiles, we make sure that we use fuel-efficient vehicles and reusable materials, such as textile laundry bags and safety containers, developed by us, which aren’t just extremely durable but also meet all the requirements of accident prevention and hazardous goods regulations.

The list of our sustainable processes and materials is a long one. All in all, our goal is always to be better than what the legislation requires. If you rely on our textile products and services, there’s no need to worry about environmental protection and disposal requirements on this front – you don’t have this benefit when using one-off disposable textiles. Incidentally, system comparisons and eco-audits have shown that the consumption of resources is five to eight times higher when disposable cleaning materials are used than when reusable materials are utilised. By opting for sustainable reusable textiles from MEWA, you’re helping to preserve nature and the environment and minimise the consumption of natural resources.

Regional service throughout Europe – with the “Made in Germany” stamp of quality


A German family company with a success story of over 111 years in business. At the same time Europe’s leading textile management provider with 45 locations in 14 countries. International scope and regional proximity – with MEWA you get both. Despite the company’s growth since it was founded in 1908, we’ve retained the spirit and culture of a family business. We take a long-term, reasoned approach to planning and acting, and we want to preserve values for the next generation. We offer the reliability of an experienced group of companies with personal service on site. Thanks to our flexible service structure with contacts in each region, we can respond quickly and individually to your wishes and provide equally good service at a local and international level. You benefit from consistently high service, quality and environmental standards in all that MEWA does – no matter where you use a MEWA service.

An leader in innovation with the “Made in Germany” spirit of ingenuity – that’s MEWA too. We have become a pioneer in our industry with our own product development for the creation of new collections, cuts and features as well as a number of innovations in the fields of environmental technology, process and textile technology, which have been developed in cooperation with renowned institutions and external experts. If you’re looking for a competent and honest partner that’s on the same wavelength – you’re in the right hands with MEWA.

The MEWA community – We are more


Sustainable and fair, the highest quality and certified hygiene, economical and professional – all this is only possible because there are so many of us.Every day, millions of people ensure that MEWA’s position as Europe’s leading service provider in textile management is being continuously expanded – by going about their daily work with commitment to MEWA, wearing MEWA workwear, using cleaning cloths, floor mats or other MEWA products and services.Together, as a large MEWA community, we all make an important contribution – to enhanced development and the conservation of resources. We are more.