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Service clothing for catering, retail, healthcare and wellness

Every good service starts with the appearance of the service staff. In addition to a friendly smile this also includes an attractive appearance. Uniform and neat service clothing has a professional effect and thus makes a good impression on every customer.

From the catering sector to food retail, baker, confectioner and caterer, and extending to the health and wellness sector – there is no type of service for which MEWA cannot assist with perfect service clothing. In this regard, all fashion lines combine the highest level of wear comfort with first-class quality; all can be individually combined and they can be adapted to your corporate colours.

Our collections for service

  • Servicekleidung


    Perfect service clothing for gastronomy, the hotel industry and food retail – thus your employees always cut a good figure.

  • Servicekleidung


    Premium service clothing that can be worn with confidence. Perfect for use in restaurant, bistro, canteen, catering and food retail.

  • Servicekleidung - Classicline S


    The professional service clothing promises high wear comfort and optimal fit. Thus your employees always make a good impression.


MEWA shirt & blouse service: A fresh shirt in the closet at all times

Whether business, retail or catering – a freshly ironed shirt or a clean, pressed blouse is part of a professional appearance.  

So thatnicht you  do not have to deal with the washing and ironing, MEWA offers the shirt and blouse service. Thus your employees have a freshly washed and pressed shirt on hand in many attractive colours and designs at all times.