ESD product protection

Antistatic ESD product protection clothing for the ESD area

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Certified ESD safety in accordance with EN 1149-1 EN 61340-5-1

  • Protection against electrostatic discharge

  • Conductive fabric through NAPTEX® yarn

  • Satisfies the standards EN 1149-1 EN 61340-5-1 for electrostatically dissipative protective clothing

In the component manufacturing industry, often special protection is required; sensitive components must be protected against electrostatic discharge. Consequently, the clothing of your employees must have certain characteristics relative to antistatic and electrostatic discharge (ESD). This is achieved through conductive threads in the fabric.  

With ESD clothing you are on the safe side; the patented NAPTEX® thread is woven into the garments, this thread does not break even after several washing processes and it reliably retains its properties in accordance with DIN EN 61340-5-1.  

Moreover with the ESD clothing, wear comfort has not been neglected. And even at the end of the workday your employees are still comfortable in these clothes. On request, we even apply your company logo and the employees name on the ESD clothing on, optionally as emblem or direct embroidery, without impairing the conductivity of the clothing in this process.  

ESD clothing satisfies the standards EN 1149-1 EN 61340-5-1 for electrostatically dissipative protective clothing To satisfy the requirements stipulated in the standards, the cuffs on the ends of the protective clothing (sleeves, trouser legs or collars) are designed in such a manner that they improve the contact between the electrostatic dissipative material and the skin. Thus the clothing ensures that the charge can be conducted due to contact of the dissipative parts of the clothing material with the skin.

Metal parts on the ESD clothing are covered. And the outerwear was designed in such a manner that even when bending the undergarments are still completely covered. Thus at all times a dangerous discharge of the undergarments is avoided.

The MEWA service system for protective clothing

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    Delivering & sorting
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    Put it on & feel good
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    Collecting & picking-up
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    Washing & drying
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    Repairing & replacing
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