Schutzkleidung - Exclusive Glas

MEWA glass protective clothing

Protective clothing for maximum temperatures

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High protection at high heat levels – glass protective clothing from MEWA

For production of glass a modern protective clothing with special characteristics is indispensable, since hot machine parts, as well as radiation and possible contact heat when changing moulds constitute a serious danger for workers. A modern protective clothing with special properties is indispensable.

The forearms in particular are exposed to extreme danger. Consequently, our collection is additionally reinforced on the lower sleeves, to effectively protect against burn injuries.

MEWA protective clothing for the glass industry is available exclusively in the rental arrangement. This is the only way we can guarantee that your employees always wear faultless clothing. Our MEWA service drivers deliver clean clothing and pick up the used textiles on agreed scheduled dates. Careful quality control after the washing ensures that only faultless clothing will again be delivered. Through MEWA's professional maintenance, the protective effect of the clothing is also assured. If a garment has a defect, it is automatically replaced.

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  • Schutzkleidung - Exclusive Glas


    Withstands every key fire trial and protects at high heat levels. Simply indispensable due to high wear comfort and special properties.