Gießereikleidung - Exclusive Ferro

MEWA foundry protective clothing

Comfortable protective clothing for copper, iron and aluminium foundries

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For copper, iron and aluminium foundries – foundry protective clothing from MEWA

The manufacturing process of casting is truly a hot matter. Depending on the metal, temperatures range between 700°C and 1,580°C. Thus not only are the most rigorous physical requirements imposed on casters and their helpers, above all, such requirements are also imposed on the right protective clothing.

Together with many experts MEWA developed special protective clothing for these areas; clothing that offers comprehensive protection against liquid splashes, and against flammability or convective and radiant heat. At the same time the fabrics are lighter and more comfortable than the heat and flame protection fabrics that are usual in the market; the fabrics MEWA uses have significantly better protective functions and are industrially washable.

Our collections are available in the practical rental arrangement. In our unique intelligent service system we not only ensure that your foundry protective clothing is professionally maintained – we take over the complete full service for you. This means that we advise you in detail concerning selection of the suitable protective clothing, we then take over careful washing and maintenance, and in the regular quality control we ensure that the protective effect remains permanently intact. If a garment is worn out or defective it is automatically replaced with a new garment. Punctual pickup and delivery of the clothing is also included.

Our collections

  • Hitzeschutz- und Flammschutzkleidung


    Provides your employees optimal protection for all tasks in aluminium foundries. It reliably protects them against flammability, convective and radiant heat, and against molten aluminium and metal splashes.

  • Gießereikleidung - Exclusive Ferro


    Provides your employees with optimal protection for all tasks in the periphery of a foundry. The garments reliably protect against molten metal splashes, heat and arc fault