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MEWA cement protective clothing

Occupational health & safety at extreme temperatures

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Reliable protection for working with hot meal – cement protective clothing from MEWA

Cement: the world's most important hydraulic binder for concrete and mortar. Yes it is grey, and actually quite unattractive. But behind it there is a complex and even dangerous manufacturing process. In the cement manufacturing process such high temperatures are reached that even contact with minuscule amounts of material can cause severe burns.

our developers have taken on precisely this issue, and have developed a special hot meal clothing, that has proven effective in all fire trials. Worldwide unique on the market, our work clothing succeeds in reducing the danger of second-degree burns to 0.9%!

In this regard we use a special fabric. It combines optimal protection with unique wear comfort, since it is lighter and softer than anything on the market. In addition it is washable! This means that in the practical rental arrangement you have the certainty that your protective clothing will be professionally washed and regularly subjected to a quality control procedure. At MEWA necessary repairs, retrofitting, or even replacement are included, and so are pickup and delivery. Rely on the MEWA system, and the fact that your cement clothing also permanently retains its protective effect.

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    Faultless protection from head to toe – with this comfortable protective clothing for cement production you are perfectly equipped.