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MEWA MULTITEX® oil-trapping mats

The oil sump in cloth format

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For repair and maintenance tasks – MEWA MULTITEX® oil-trapping mats

  • An environmentally friendly and economical reusable textile solution

  • Immediately transports fluids from the outer fabric into the interior

  • In the practical towel format approximately 60 × 90 cm

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The MEWA MULTITEX® absorbent mat serves as a perfect underlay for repair and maintenance tasks or in sensitive areas of machinery and equipment. The oil sump in cloth format is the perfect solution for all industries that must consistently deal with leaks of oily and aqueous fluids. MEWA MULTITEX® absorbent mats optimally protect machines, workplace and floor from contamination and hazardous fluids.

The absorbent mats immediately transport fluid from the outer fabric into the interior and store it effectively in the absorbent core. Thus the surface remains relatively dry, while a special fleece in the interior uniformly distributes the fluid and permanently binds it.

Also MEWA MULTITEX® is a reusable solution, this means that you can easily rent the mats from MEWA. In the full service, we wash and maintain the mats for you – reliably and professionally. A cost-effective way for you to avoid hazardous waste and save the effort and expense of disposal.

MULTITEX oil-trapping mat

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Suitable for: Metal industry, Automotive industry, Sanitary, heating & air conditioning, Auto repair shops

  • Practical in use
  • Fast, super absorbency
  • Environmentally friendly and cost-efficient
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  • Punctuality is our virtue

  • No special waste

  • Safe storage

The MEWA service system for oil-trapping mats

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    Using & storing
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    Collecting & picking-up
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    Washing & drying
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    Checking & replacing
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