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MEWA dirt-trapping mats

Cleanliness begins in the entry area

Wurde zum Merkzettel hinzugefügt

Zum Merkzettel

Ensure a good first impression – dirt-trapping mats from MEWA

  • Versatile implementation

    For example, at the main entry, at the reception counter, in sales rooms, workshop, office facilities, at the lift, at the staircase, at beverage vending machines or in break rooms at supplier entries or auxiliary entries.

  • Environmentally friendly

    Preserving the environment and responsible handling of resources are part of the MEWA reusable system.

  • Easy on the finances

    By renting the MEWA dirt-trapping mats you save costly investments.

A clean, inviting entry area is the calling card of every enterprise. Dirt and wetness not only punish your floors, they also have a negative effect on the overall image.

Our MEWA dirt-trapping mats reliably ensure perfect cleanliness. They effectively prevent stains, thanks to their special coating on the underside they are wrinkle-free and absolutely slip-resistant.

In the practical MEWA system you can quite easily rent foot mats and brush mats. Thus you go easy on your finances and the environment. Our environmentally-responsible, reusable system saves you costly investments and always supplies your enterprise punctually and regularly with clean, maintained mats.

While we are cleaning your dirty mats, clean replacement mats are placed precisely where they should be placed: in your entry area. If a mat should be damaged, it will be replaced by a new mat.

  • Fußmatten

    Foot mats

    Our durable, robust MEWA foot mats protect your floors from dirt and wetness and offer a variety of implementation possibilities.

  • Fußmatten

    Brush mats

    Dirt and wetness remain outside: MEWA brush mats are ideal for transition areas to workshop or production.


First test, then rent – MEWA wiper service test

We not only have the best wiper in the world, we also have the best service. You don't believe us? Then try out our reusable wipers in our wiper service test.  We offer you the possibility of trying out our service for up to 2 months.