Professional, well-fitting work clothing – MEWA for carpenter's workshops & and joineries

  • Rent work clothing instead of buying work clothing

    Our modern work clothing for carpenters and joiners is extremely reliable, offers many practical details and wears with the utmost comfort.

  • Reliable service

    Bringing, pick-up, washing and replacing – the entire process flow in the MEWA system runs smoothly and without complications, reliably and punctually.

  • Repairs & replacement of worn-out items included

    In the rental arrangement, damaged work clothing is repaired automatically, worn garments are out-sorted and replaced as needed.

Sawing, milling, drilling and grinding – when working with wood shavings accumulate and so does sawdust. As a partner for carpenters & joiners we support you with professional work clothing that is robust, and in the practical colours beige and khaki, that looks good and neat the whole day long. Naturally we have also thought of many pockets for your tools.

For decades carpenter's workshops and joineries have been our customers. Consequently all of our products and services are oriented to your special requirements. We would be pleased to advise you in detail concerning our work clothing in the practical rental arrangement. In the MEWA system we bring, pick-up, wash and replace the clothing in the rhythm that we have agreed with you. You can also rent other industrial textiles, such as foot mats, wipers and products for washroom hygiene from us.

Naturally we also have safety shoes, protective goggles and hearing protection in our assortment. You will find our occupational health and safety items for direct sale at WORLD WIDE WORK by MEWA.

The MEWA service system for work clothing

  • KrL_liefern_1200x1200.png
    Delivering & sorting
  • MBS_anziehen_1200x1200.png
    Put it on & feel good
  • KrL_holen_1200x1200.png
    Collecting & picking-up
  • Krl_waschen-trocknen_mbs_1200x1200.png
    Maintaining & drying
  • KrL_pruefen-ersetzen_1200x1200.png
    Repairing & replacing
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