Your partner for service & retail – MEWA textile management

  • Matched to every service

    Our products are adapted to your various demands and satisfy the most rigorous requirements imposed on quality and functionality.

  • Cleanliness you can feel

    Since we wash your clothing at high temperatures, an additional hygienic rinse is not necessary. This means that your employees need have no concerns regarding skin irritations.

  • Make it personal

    We would be pleased to embroider and imprint your work clothing with employee name, logo or emblem.

Whether the catering sector or retail, service or sales, food or non-food – for customer satisfaction, in addition to first-class products and services, more than anything else the uniform, neat and friendly appearance of your employees is a key factor.

As a provider of professional work clothing we set standards in the service sector and outfit your employees with suitable, functional, service clothing, hygiene clothing and business clothing. Our collections offer the highest quality and also satisfy criteria that offer the best prerequisites for a friendly smile from your employees: Thus our work clothing wears comfortably throughout the entire day, emphasises the personality of the employee and it looks good. From the various collections and colours, select those that are best suited for your enterprise and that please your employees.

And there is the MEWA full service to ensure that the clothing is also fresh and clean day in, day out. This means – you rent from us and we reliably handle the pick-up, bringing, maintenance and repair or replacement of the clothing. On request you can also avail yourself of our laundry locker service for proper storage of clean and dirty textiles.

You can also rent other industrial textiles, such as foot mats and mops from MEWA. And with our washroom hygiene products, in the MEWA system we supply you with everything that is prescribed in washrooms by the European Hygiene Regulation.

You can buy safety shoes, disposable gloves and other occupational health and safety items for service & retail at WORLD WIDE WORK by MEWA.

Suitable solutions for every work area

  • Servicekleidung

    The catering sector

    Modern service clothing and chef clothing ensures the well-being of employees and guests. We offer both in the practical rental arrangement.
  • Servicekleidung - Classicline S

    Retail food

    Meat, fish, cheese, vegetables, fruit – when selling food products clean clothing is a must. We take care of this – in the practical rental arrangement.
  • Servicekleidung - Classicline S

    Retail non-food

    Single-colour, striped or checked, in our MEWA collections you will find the look that is best suited for your enterprise.