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    Developed to meet a wide variety of demands our products satisfy your high requirements.

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    The MEWA system is worthwhile for all companies, from the smallest to the largest manufacturing operation

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    1,1 million people in many different industries wear work clothing from MEWA. Size that pays off.

The more than 100 different branches of German industry extend from food production to the construction industry to the automotive and chemical industry. In every branch of industry there are a wide variety of professions with individual demands and specific requirements that are imposed on safety and hygiene, for example. In order to always keep our products up to date, we work closely with the specific industry associations and have our scouts observe the markets. However a lively exchange with our customers is of paramount importance to us; our customers' special concerns, impetus and ideas help us to continuously further improve our products.

In the industry sector the topic of functionality is clearly in the foreground. Depending on the work environment, in some cases this also includes the protection and hygiene of employees. Daily handling of hazardous substances and materials entails very particular requirements imposed on your work clothing. Not to mention the hygienic requirements that confront our customers in the food industry, for example.

This is where the advantage of renting, in particular, really comes to bear. With our service we guarantee that safety and cleanliness of the protective clothing and hygiene clothing is always ensured as it was on the first day.

In the practical rental arrangement we supply you punctually and reliably, without complications and cost-effectively. Our service includes bringing, pick-up, maintenance, repair and replacement. From work clothing, hygiene clothing and protective clothing to wipers and extending to washroom hygiene.

You will find supplemental products, such as safety shoes, gloves, protective goggles and technical accessories for direct sale at good prices at WORLD WIDE WORK by MEWA.

Suitable solutions for every industry

  • Arbeitskleidung

    Automotive industry

    Smooth production begins with fresh and clean work clothing daily – in the rental arrangement always optimally maintained by MEWA.
  • Chemikalienschutzkleidung - Ideal Protect Special

    Chemical industry

    We have the suitable textile solutions for chemical protection. And we further develop these solutions on an ongoing basis.
  • Hitzeschutz- und Flammschutzkleidung - Twinstar Protect

    Electrical engineering

    We ensure that the spark is not transmitted. With ESD clothing in the practical rental arrangement


  • Gießereikleidung - Exclusive Ferro


    Handling molten metals involves many hazards. We know them all and have developed exclusive protective clothing solutions.
  • Schutzkleidung - Exclusive Glas

    Glass manufacturing

    Those who work with hot glass need protection, particularly in the forearm area. For this application, we have developed special protective clothing for rent.
  • Arbeitskleidung

    Mechanical engineering

    Mechanical engineering is the calling card of German industry. Consequently, as the world leader in this area the mechanical engineering sector deserves the best care, for example with MEWATEX®, the best machine wiper on the market.  
  • Schutzkleidung

    Metal industry

    Whether functional protective clothing and work clothing, or durable wipers that can take up metal chips – you can rely on MEWA.  
  • Hitzeschutz- und Flammschutzkleidung

    Cement production

    We know how important reliable protective clothing is when working with hot cement meal. Our in-house developed MEWA collection, Exclusive Cement, offers effective protection.